HistBEKE is a flagship University of Liverpool project to develop a national knowledge exchange framework and research agenda for the built historic environment in England.

This collaborative, multi-disciplinary project is based within the School of Histories, Languages and Cultures, and is being funded by Historic England.

Key project aims are to:

  • Enhance decision-making processes through wider access to current knowledge
  • Set an agenda for further knowledge enhancement to enable more effective management and decision-making
  • Establish a sustainable and collaborative network to maintain the framework into the future

We’re keen to hear your thoughts and suggestions for the project, so please view the ‘Get Involved’ section to find out how you can help us.

We’d like to hear from you about:

  • Gaps in your existing knowledge that the project might be able to fill
  • Themes and topics that you would like the framework to cover
  • Particular building types/designs, architects, conservation methods etc that you’re currently working on but which don’t yet have any published outputs
  • People, groups and organisations that are working on built environment research projects
  • How we might exchange this knowledge so that everyone can access it

For a summary of the project so far, please visit the Project Documents page.